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The best furniture of 2017 – mirrored furniture versus fabric furniture

If you’re contemplating between mirrored furniture and upholstered furniture, you may need some quick information to make the decision. Each of these two options leaves a unique sense of style being complete polar opposites but also comes with a number of pros and cons. Mirrored furniture has been in use since the early 1900s, mostly loved for its ability to evoke the glamor of royal luxury and perfectly blend in with any décor as it reflects the beauty of the surroundings. Upholstered furniture, on the other hand, offers a touch of sophistication and comfort, mostly loved for its ambient and diversity in colors and texture. Let’s take a closer look at each of them below.


Mirrored furniture

For thousands of years, long before the inventions of a mirror, our ancestors used to gaze at still pools of water to see their reflections. This was also before the invention of polished bronze and copper. The invention of the first glass was by the Roman Empire in the 12th century. Aside from self-admiration, pieces of mirrors were later incorporated into various items and furniture as the mirror making technology advanced. Mirrored furniture was first popularized in the 1920s but was limited to a few items.

Today, almost every piece of furniture has its mirrored version that is just as appealing and even more beautiful. Mirrored furniture is pretty much any piece of furniture made wholly or partly from glass materials. Most often they are the most adorable items in the house and consist of things like dressing tables, buffets tables, makeup tables, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets and so on. All these and much more are usually very nicely crafted and designed to last.

Some of the mirrored furniture is encased in wood, metal or plastic frames. Each mirrored furniture item is a beautiful and perfect way to highlight sections of a room. Most people find mirrored furniture to be a perfect way to create a sense of space and light whilst offering a touch of timeless glamor. The reflective design associated with mirrored furniture is suitable for various rooms in your home from living room to the bedroom.

Any luxuriously decorated homes can’t be complete without a hint of mirrored furniture.


Pros and cons of mirrored furniture


• Excellent appearance: Mirrored furniture always looks beautiful and can decorate any room, highlight it and make it the center of attention. It also fits in any style of interior décor.

• Offers visual extension of space: The transparency and ability to reflect light make mirrored furniture almost invisible, which makes any room brighter and wider.

• Safe and reliable: Glasses and mirrors used to create this kind of furniture are nowadays given a special treatment that makes them impact-resistant and long lasting.


• They need daily care as any signs of fingerprints, dust, spray or utensil marks are visible.

• Glass doors and tabletops often open up view of items undesirable for all to see.


Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is another definition for comfort, style, and luxury combined. It offers a good level of cushioning and is always enclosed in leather or fabric. It also has wooden or steel frame that complement the color and design of the fabric used. Before the proliferation of upholstered furniture in the 18th century, upholsters provided textiles, upholstery, and fittings for funerals. In the early 1840s, many traders in USA and England created upholster furniture centers some of which are still operational to date.

Furniture upholstery and re-upholstery companies continue to thrive with various businesses large and small offering these services. Today furniture upholstery uses a wide range of materials for covering and padding chairs, sofas, and seats. Some of these materials include lashings, springs, stuffings of animal hair, coir and grasses, wools, scrims, vinyl, linen, hessian, bridle ties, stuffing ties and so on. There are countless designs and types of upholstered furniture ranging from single sofas, living room chairs, double or triple seater sofas, couches, and more. The furniture also comes with fine finishing that allows us to make perfect color, design and pattern combination.

Upholstery furniture is also long lasting and easy to maintain; with a vacuum cleaner, you can ensure a great look for your living room.


Pros and cons of upholstered furniture


• Variety: Upholstered furniture comes in a variety of colors, textures, designs, and patterns that complement your interior décor

• Comfort: Aside from ambiance, they are the most comfortable furniture items with cushions and padding to make your rest worthwhile.

• Pleasing to touch, easy to care for, durable and resistant to average abrasion


• Some materials used for upholstering are highly flammable if not treated

• Poor resistance to stains and moisture


Conclusion From the above quick look through the two furniture options, you should have already made your decision by now. But of course, this will depend on things like your taste and preferences, budget, existing interior décor, and so on. You, however, don’t necessarily have to choose one over the other; you can as well combine the two styles to get the benefits of both sides.


So I presume you now want to see some examples of each?

Red Cushioned Fabric Bed

Red fabric cushioned bed that is certainly very eye catching and bold

Mirrored Decorative Bed

A decorative mirrored bed that is certainly unique and not often seen in homes

Fabric cladded wooden bed antique style

An antique style wooden bed with luxurious fabric padding

Mirrored bed with fabric extras

A bed with a unique blend of both mirrored and fabric design elements


So where can you buy the best looking items of whichever type you prefer?

We would prefer you go for the fabric types because that's our line of work but that would be a biased view so please have look at these reputable suppliers and see which you prefer.

Upholstered Furniture Suppliers

Mirrored Furniture Suppliers


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