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How to dress a sofa using different design techniques

Learning how to dress a sofa may be a small part of home decoration – but follow these simple ideas and yours will soon become a colourful, stylish focus in your living room

Introduce pattern and colour

Opt for a plain, or neutral fabric for the upholstery of your sofa. Grey or taupe like the sofa shown top are good practical choices, they don't show the dirt and are accepting of all sorts of other tones, allowing you to change the decoration in a room easily.

Plus, as explained in the how-to video above, you can easily ring the changes by adding cushions, throws and accessories to create comfort and interest and make the look unique to you. Look for textiles with plenty of texture or opt for colour and pattern. This is easier if you repeat other shades in the room, for example picking up on the colour of an upholstered chair, or a wall colour. Alternatively pick one fabric for a decorative cushion and pick out colours within this design for the other textiles you use. A loose-covered sofa will appear more relaxed, can be dry-cleaned or even machine-washed (check instructions) –  whereas an upholstered piece can appear more formal, smart and traditional.


Another way to display your favourite fabrics is by mixing together different styles – checks, stripes, weaves, prints and patterns, for example, all together on one sofa. Choose a linking colour, or style to make this work. For example, the dark grey Gower sofa (pictured above) from the Country Living Collection exclusively at dfs has been dressed with a mix of botanical printed designs which pick out other colours in the room; whereas the blue plaid wool sofa (one of our designs for the Gower) has a varied assortment of cushion styles which pick up the heathery tones in the wool plaid.


A throw is a good way to break up the blank expanse of a sofa, as well as introduce more texture to a room. If you are going to use a throw to cover the whole sofa it needs to be a really good size. A sofa covered with a throw will always look relaxed but can look messy unless you are prepared to re-arranged it frequently. A machine-washable throw is ideal, will save your upholstery and be a great choice if you have pets that are allowed up onto furniture. An old-fashioned linen dust sheet (try Baileys) makes a good washable throw as do heavy vintage French linen sheets. You can find these in specialist textile shops or antique markets. Add colour and texture with faux flowers, stylish prints and lots of textiles, as shown in the how-to video above.



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Ah winter, don’t you just love it? The cold weather definitely makes it harder getting dressed stylishly with all those layers. Today I teamed up with amazing bloggers Larissa from Living in Color and Jacqueline of Stylin in St. Louis to let you in on our cold- weather essentials that you definitely need in your closet. Go check out their blogs for what they suggest and check out some of the other bloggers looks from our link-up at the bottom

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Obviously, these picks are not the end all, be all. Also, everyone is different, so these are just a few items that are super versatile and perfect fora 2017-2018. Let’s start with my favorite, the slip dress. One of the best trends to make it out of the boudoir and into the streets IMO. For cold weather the best way to go is at the knees or longer, take for instance the Zara slip dress I am wearing here. I think it’s meant to be midi but being petite it’s more maxi on me. That’s actually what I love about it. Believe or not slip dresses are actually perfect for cooler weather because the thinness of the material gives you hundreds of ways to style it and layers upon layers are possible with my beloved slip dress. What do you think about slip dresses, love em’ or hate em’? Here are a few of my favourite's:

Next, we have a classic, the simple black, slim-fit turtleneck. Not a sweater but more of a stretchy, cotton piece that hugs your curves and can go under anything. This piece is something I like to purchase on the cheap because it gets so much wear you may need a new one each season. I hope you like these options:

If you don’t already have a black crossbody handbag, why? I am making this one a winter essential because it is absolutely something you will grab again and again. The cooler temps mean we tend to wear darker colors, as we get into the later part of the season you will have event after event and I don’t know about you but I much prefer a nice, small, leather handbag that also leaves my hands free over some fancy minaudiere. Unless of course you’re headed to a black tie affair or the equivalent. Here are some small, black, crossbody bags. I included the super affordable to some that are a couple hundred:


Fall essentials

Wearing a basic turtleneck from Target with this gorgeous Zara slip dress (similar). As for my accessories I am wearing my beloved Balmain pumps, a Vera Bradley (currently 30% off all styles!) handbag (similar) with added pom keychainYHF sunglasses and a Case Cavern Honey Bee phone case.



1. We kindly ask that you follow the two hosts: Larissa from Living in Color on Bloglovin’, Jacqueline from Stylin’ In St. Louis via Bloglovin’ as well as myself on Bloglovin’.

2. Please link back to LarissaJacqueline, and my blog on the post you linked to, stating that you joined in on the fun over at Spotlight Weekly.

3. Enjoy reading other blogs and make new blogger friends!



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18 Major 2018 Fashion Trends Straight From The Runway

From London, New York, Paris and Milan, we’ve scoured the shows to bring you the top fashion trends of 2018 that emerged on the runways. What we love about major trends is that there isn’t a set way to wear any them, and there’s always room for interpretation to make them your own with what you already have hanging in your closet. Here’s our list of the top 18 fashion trends of 2018 to know about!


2018 Fashion Trends

Perfect for literally any occasion, jumpsuits are the new cool girl essential — just zip up and you’re good to go! With so many options for any taste and body type, it’s no surprise that jumpsuits are on the up and up.


2018 Fashion Trends

It doesn’t get anymore classic than a check pattern but when reimagined for 2018, what could be tired ol’ tartan is actually a breath of fresh air on the SS18 runways of Victoria BeckhamBalenciaga and Miu Miu.

Bold Colours

2018 Fashion Trends

No grey winter days here! Brighten up your day and wardrobe with highly saturated hues we’ve seen on runways of Stella McCartneyChristopher Kaneand Marc Jacobs this upcoming season.


2018 Fashion Trends

Regardless of your stance when it comes to American politics, runways were definitely feeling the vibe with the increase of red, white and blue. Cool and classic for spring and summer, feel the Hamptons fantasy wherever you may go this season!

Denim x Denim

2018 Fashion Trends

We know that denim on denim isn’t exactly a new trend but the way it’s being worn is different than what we’ve been seeing lately. We love the boxy and structured looks at Y/Project and we NEED to get our hands on a full length denim jacket a la Elizabeth and James.


2018 Fashion Trends

Shine on, baby! Work a full on satin look and not only be the most comfortable one at the party but also look totes effortless and chic. We love this look as a two piece as seen at Peter Pilotto but also over pants seen at Roksanda.


2018 Fashion Trends

Ride into 2018 on a high with an haute western look that’s sure to turn heads! We love how versatile this trend is — opt for a western style jacket or go full out with a big belt buckle + boots

Bike Shorts

2018 Fashion Trends

Taking the athleisure trend to a whole other level is bike shorts and we’re not gonna lie — we’re really into it. Easily dressed up or down, this is a trend that can take you from the gym to girls night in a flash!


 2018 Fashion Trends

There’s something that happens to us all whenever we wear anything with a fringe, you shimmy and shake and twirl like a 6-year old. Fringe is so fun and we are so excited to see it coming back on the SS18 runways. Whether it’s for evening or day, fringe NEEDS to make a reappearance in your wardrobe!


2018 Fashion Trends

Another trend making a resurgence is punk and we could not be more excited to dress like the badass #BossBabes we are and now you can too! From the runways of Christian Dior to the rocker runways of Moschino, the ways to interpret this trend are endless!

Fanny Packs

2018 Fashion Trends

A little different from your dad’s fannypack from the 90s, these wearable bags are surprisingly chic and highly functional for the fashion girl (or boy!) on the go. Go traditional and sport it around your waist or rock it over one shoulder, either way you choose, your fanny will be the talk of the town!


2018 Fashion Trends

Life in plastic is fantastic! This fun trend is so versatile, whether you choose to go all out and rock vinyl pants as seen at Balmain or don a vinyl coat like at Ralph Lauren and Chanel.

90s workout Gear

2018 Fashion Trends

Another 90s super trend, these looks from SS18 runways can literally go from the catwalk to cross fit and we are SO into it. Super comf and wearable, we seriously hope this trend sticks around!


2018 Fashion Trends

As lovers of all things French, from skincare products to delish macarons, we may have done a mini happy dance when we saw the return of the beret on the SS18 runways. This simple topper literally transforms any outfit and gives it that effortless French-it-girl vibe!

Petal Pushers

2018 Fashion Trends

Going back to the 60s, these Gidget-era cropped pants, called Petal Pushers, are not only super cute but really elongating for those of us lacking in the height department!

Embellished Shoes

2018 Fashion Trends

Who doesn’t love a sparkly or jewel encrusted shoe? Complete any outfit with a statement shoe and prepare to be complimented all night long.

Wide Leg Pants

2018 Fashion Trends

Taking flare denim to the next level is wide leg pants and for SS18, we’re into this easy, breezy trend. Go boho and rock these trousers with flats or go all out and throw on a pair of platforms — the options are endless!


2018 Fashion Trends

No more asking who someone’s wearing, when you can just read it on their shirt! We adored the retro logos seen on SS18 runways of Fendi and Versace.




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The best furniture of 2017 – mirrored furniture versus fabric furniture

If you’re contemplating between mirrored furniture and upholstered furniture, you may need some quick information to make the decision. Each of these two options leaves a unique sense of style being complete polar opposites but also comes with a number of pros and cons. Mirrored furniture has been in use since the early 1900s, mostly loved for its ability to evoke the glamor of royal luxury and perfectly blend in with any décor as it reflects the beauty of the surroundings. Upholstered furniture, on the other hand, offers a touch of sophistication and comfort, mostly loved for its ambient and diversity in colors and texture. Let’s take a closer look at each of them below.


Mirrored furniture

For thousands of years, long before the inventions of a mirror, our ancestors used to gaze at still pools of water to see their reflections. This was also before the invention of polished bronze and copper. The invention of the first glass was by the Roman Empire in the 12th century. Aside from self-admiration, pieces of mirrors were later incorporated into various items and furniture as the mirror making technology advanced. Mirrored furniture was first popularized in the 1920s but was limited to a few items.

Today, almost every piece of furniture has its mirrored version that is just as appealing and even more beautiful. Mirrored furniture is pretty much any piece of furniture made wholly or partly from glass materials. Most often they are the most adorable items in the house and consist of things like dressing tables, buffets tables, makeup tables, coffee tables, kitchen cabinets and so on. All these and much more are usually very nicely crafted and designed to last.

Some of the mirrored furniture is encased in wood, metal or plastic frames. Each mirrored furniture item is a beautiful and perfect way to highlight sections of a room. Most people find mirrored furniture to be a perfect way to create a sense of space and light whilst offering a touch of timeless glamor. The reflective design associated with mirrored furniture is suitable for various rooms in your home from living room to the bedroom.

Any luxuriously decorated homes can’t be complete without a hint of mirrored furniture.


Pros and cons of mirrored furniture


• Excellent appearance: Mirrored furniture always looks beautiful and can decorate any room, highlight it and make it the center of attention. It also fits in any style of interior décor.

• Offers visual extension of space: The transparency and ability to reflect light make mirrored furniture almost invisible, which makes any room brighter and wider.

• Safe and reliable: Glasses and mirrors used to create this kind of furniture are nowadays given a special treatment that makes them impact-resistant and long lasting.


• They need daily care as any signs of fingerprints, dust, spray or utensil marks are visible.

• Glass doors and tabletops often open up view of items undesirable for all to see.


Upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is another definition for comfort, style, and luxury combined. It offers a good level of cushioning and is always enclosed in leather or fabric. It also has wooden or steel frame that complement the color and design of the fabric used. Before the proliferation of upholstered furniture in the 18th century, upholsters provided textiles, upholstery, and fittings for funerals. In the early 1840s, many traders in USA and England created upholster furniture centers some of which are still operational to date.

Furniture upholstery and re-upholstery companies continue to thrive with various businesses large and small offering these services. Today furniture upholstery uses a wide range of materials for covering and padding chairs, sofas, and seats. Some of these materials include lashings, springs, stuffings of animal hair, coir and grasses, wools, scrims, vinyl, linen, hessian, bridle ties, stuffing ties and so on. There are countless designs and types of upholstered furniture ranging from single sofas, living room chairs, double or triple seater sofas, couches, and more. The furniture also comes with fine finishing that allows us to make perfect color, design and pattern combination.

Upholstery furniture is also long lasting and easy to maintain; with a vacuum cleaner, you can ensure a great look for your living room.


Pros and cons of upholstered furniture


• Variety: Upholstered furniture comes in a variety of colors, textures, designs, and patterns that complement your interior décor

• Comfort: Aside from ambiance, they are the most comfortable furniture items with cushions and padding to make your rest worthwhile.

• Pleasing to touch, easy to care for, durable and resistant to average abrasion


• Some materials used for upholstering are highly flammable if not treated

• Poor resistance to stains and moisture


Conclusion From the above quick look through the two furniture options, you should have already made your decision by now. But of course, this will depend on things like your taste and preferences, budget, existing interior décor, and so on. You, however, don’t necessarily have to choose one over the other; you can as well combine the two styles to get the benefits of both sides.


So I presume you now want to see some examples of each?

Red Cushioned Fabric Bed

Red fabric cushioned bed that is certainly very eye catching and bold

Mirrored Decorative Bed

A decorative mirrored bed that is certainly unique and not often seen in homes

Fabric cladded wooden bed antique style

An antique style wooden bed with luxurious fabric padding

Mirrored bed with fabric extras

A bed with a unique blend of both mirrored and fabric design elements


So where can you buy the best looking items of whichever type you prefer?

We would prefer you go for the fabric types because that's our line of work but that would be a biased view so please have look at these reputable suppliers and see which you prefer.

Upholstered Furniture Suppliers

Mirrored Furniture Suppliers


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Want a Devore Kimono? What You Need to Know

You want to wear something weird and different sometimes. If you are tired and bored of the same look, a Devore kimono can do the trick. This piece of clothing can take your wardrobe to the next level. So read on if you want to learn more about what a Devore kimono can do for you. Fashion retailers and independent designers feel free to contact our staff at Coats Viy on the types of silk that we can offer you.

Classical Patterns

A Devore kimono will allow you to get the classic floral pattern that you love. These kimonos tend to be made by hand, which means more luxury and uniqueness for you right away. The soft silk velvet in your devore kimono ( a lovely example here by Jayley ) will allow you to feel happy right away. A classic black will make you look like a million bucks in no time. This versatile piece of clothing should be part of your wardrobe from now on because you will get a lot of compliments right away. Getting a simple and classic look has never been easier when you wear a Devore kimono.

Silk Devore Kimono

This is the perfect piece that you need to wear when you are just dressing up. Your shoulders will look just awesome in no time too. Getting a nice luster is easy with the Devore kimono by your side. Your evening will be awesome thanks to the simple look that you will get with the Devore kimono today. You will look gorgeous in the middle of some radiant colors. The Devore kimono`s long sleeves will make you feel like a queen in no time as well. Your wardrobe will never be boring again when you purchase a Devore kimono,

Elegant Cover-up

If you want to get a truly elegant evening cover-up, a Devore kimono is for you. You will look chic right away with a Devore kimono, and that’s just part of the fun. A Devore kimono is a machine-washable item so you will not have to hurt your hands in the future at all. You will love the subtle drape that comes with these items. This is the on-trend piece that you need to get today. An earthy shade can also be part of the design in your Devore kimono, and this will make you look gorgeous right away.

You can also wear a beautiful satin top just underneath, and some leather trousers will be fine too. This is the loose and comfy outfit that you should purchase today. You can also combine the Devore kimono with a fringe hem so you can look gorgeous right away. With a bohemian flare and fabulous fringe, a Devore kimono is here to stay for a long time in your closet or shopping list. If you want an outfit with outstanding sleeves, the Devore kimono is for you.

Bohemian Kimono

Covering Your Rear

You will get a lot of cover for your rear, and this is just part of the good things that a Devore kimono has in store for you. Wearing a Devore kimono with leggings is easy because the item is long enough for you to do that easily whenever you need to. You can also purchase a hand-washable Devore kimono if you want to, and the item will fit nicely at all times. The opening for your sleeves might be drapey and large, which is truly awesome for many of us out there. You can also order a large Devore kimono right away, and you will not have any issues.

Getting awesome out fit for casual wear is easy when you just put your hands on the Devore kimono today. You will get an average-quality item sometimes, but you will look amazing right away. You will not have to shell out a lot of dough to look expensive when you get the Devore kimono today. The Devore kimono will fit very well with some room just to spare, which is great. There will be no bulking at all with a Devore kimono these days. Getting compliments all the time has never been so easy thanks to the famous Devore kimono these days.

Getting what you want is easy when you wear a Devore kimono. So you need to look gorgeous for that special occasion, and a Devore kimono can be your best friend in no time. This will allow you to get even more compliments and happiness overtime, and this will be awesome for you.


Three Ways To Wear Kimonos


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How to clean and maintain outdoor upholstery and fabrics on patio and garden furniture

Mould is a plague for exterior textiles. We have actually simply obtained that environment when you leave a sunshade or some pillows in the yard, little bit of rainfall, little bit of sunlight, hello presto ... mould areas! Nonetheless, do not anguish, you could clean up mould from exterior materials with a couple of things we have actually all have in our cabinets at home. So there is no reason for getting any type of costly services or changing with brand-new items.

Exterior materials could create mould or mould spots when left outside quicker compared to you would assume. I took place vacation for a few days, in what is known as the British summer season which is practically only a few days haha, inadvertently leaving the pillows on my rattan couch collection. I returned to numerous spots of horrible mould which had actually shown up from nowhere.

Cleaning exterior upholstery & cushions on patio & garden furniture

To clean the mould off, grab a container, load it with luke-warm water, include 1/2 mug of white vinegar as well as 1/2 mug of the Oxi-Action Vanish stain removal compound. After that vigorously mix it up until it is all properly liquefied.

If the discolorations are a little on the heavy side, you should use a little lemon juice and also the Vanish powder straight into the discoloured area. Leave it for a couple of mins and after that duplicate the very first step.

Take a soft bristled brush (an old nail brush is optimal), and also delicately scrub the mould discolorations. Constantly examine a concealed location well before you begin however, simply to be certain it does not harm the textile by discolouring or damaging it.

If the pillow covers could be taken off the inners of your cushioned patio furniture (some great examples here you could go and put them in the laundry after you have properly eliminated the mould as described above. Please simply examine the treatment guidelines on the material labels prior to you doing this, as cleaning exterior materials could harm them or cause shrinkage making them hard to put back on the cushions.

So the reason for doing this obviously is, mildew, fungus and mould is unattractive and smelly. It will also rots the material and of course no-one wishes to be around on rotten, stinky fungus infested upholstery. My pillows were also white, so it stood out like a beacon on a lighthouse.

mould and mildew buildup on fabric

The secret to dealing with mould spots is to act upon them and get them wiped as quickly as you see them beginning to develop so it does not spread and get deeper into the material or even worse the cushion itself.

After cleaning up, wash completely, and if it’s due to the weather get them completely dry before putting away for safe keeping for the winter season for extended life and longevity. A number of us are currently popping our outside upholstered products away for the winter season, so it is crucial you see to it they're completely mould, fungus and mildew free prior to doing this. Typically if they aren't cleaned up they'll succumb to irreversible damage and then your only choice is to go out and buy a whole new set, even if only one is badly damaged as that set might not be around anymore or the older ones may be faded in comparison to the replacement.


Fabric Garden Parasols

The sunshade is one more product that could establish mould, mildew and fungus, also once cleaned most of us will certainly be quickly popping them away for the winter months. These are not as simple to deal with as the outdoor upholstery and please note that you must constantly cleanse the textile on the framework as well as never ever attempt to take it off.

mouldy sunshade

The most effective method I have actually used to keep mould at bay and also mould from a sunshade is with adhering to non-bleach technique as this does not harm the canvas. However once more, examination in a little low-profile area prior to cleansing the complete item.

Begin by providing the canvas a great scrub with a soft-bristle brush simply to get rid of any kind of loosened dust. After that begin to lightly clean with a little luke-warm water as well to soften and separate any type of bird poop and so on.

After that pop on a set of marigolds, half fill a pail fifty percent with cool water and also include 1 litre of white spirit, which you could get from the paint department of any type of Do It Yourself shop. Offer it an excellent mix then with a soft fabric (rubber marigolds covers still on) with all the excess fluid ejected, provide the material a vigorous scrub. This will certainly separate as well as get rid of any kind of mould areas.

When all gone, wash the material with a water source, rub it completely dry with an old tea towel, and after that leave it to the sun to completely dry. You can as well utilize this technique on padding's, however I would just suggest you do it if the covers could be separated then cleaned in the laundry machine. What you do not want to happen is have the white spirit saturating right into foam where it will certainly be tough to rinse!

And also simply bear in mind that your sunshade as well as outside pillows must never ever be stored away with wetness or damp as this will just start the mould process all over again. They likewise have to be kept in a completely dry area with excellent air flow as this will certainly aid to avoid any kind of future mould, mildew and fungus from becoming present again.

So after reading about all that dirt and grime lets look at what we want all of our outdoor furniture to be like!

gleaming outdoor furniture

Here are a few videos on how to remove mildew and mould from fabric



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West Elm Inspired DIY Leather Tufted Headboard

west elm inspired upholstered headboard DiIY

As a person of a certain age (cough, cough, late 20s), I often want nice things but my taste outpaces my bank account. Can anyone relate? This headboard from West Elm has been on my radar for a while now and is so deliciously beautiful. I WANTED it, tried to bargain with myself why I should get it, and thought of things I could give up in exchange. But in the end, my boyfriend talked me off yet another figurative cliff and I challenged myself to make the best knock off version I could. Enter: my DIY Leather Tufted Headboard.

mid century tufted leather headboard

West Elm inspiration headboard

How to make your own DIY Leather Tufted Headboard

upholstered headboard befoer

Since our previous bed was a low platform style, we needed to purchase a new frame in addition to replacing the headboard. After researching beds vs. bed frames only, I ultimately went with this IKEA Hemnes bed because it got us a new frame and with the low price tag I didn’t worry about covering the headboard.

ikea hemnes bed

IKEA Hemnes queen bed

Here are the rest of the supplies:

  • Headboard to cover
    • Alternate– Skip covering an old headboard all together and use pegboard as your base layer. You’ll then mount directly to the wall using z-clips.
  • Peg board- cut to the same size as your headboard
    • You’ll only need this if your headboard has cut out areas like mine or if you’re using pegboard as the base layer. If you are using a solid wood headboard, skip this step.
    • Pro tip– Home Depot will not cut peg board so try a local lumber yard or cut on your own saw.
  • Drill and wood screws
  • High-density foam
    • I went with 2” thick but this is what determines how deep the tufted indents can go, so feel free to go thicker if you’d like. They make up to 5″!
    • Alternate– If you’re budget conscious, try using an inexpensive foam mattress cover instead.
  • Batting
  • Basting spray or spray adhesive
  • Leather fabric
    • I purchased a nice vinyl alternative. You’ll need at least 2.5 yds. for a Queen bed but you may want to order more for wiggle room.
    • Pro lets you order samples at a low cost so I ordered a few options to look at in my room with my other furniture and textiles.
    • Alternate– If leather isn’t your thing, you can replicate with any upholstery fabric.
  • Button kit
  • Florist wire
  • Heavy duty staple gun
    • This low-cost version from JoAnns was great.
  • Heavy duty staples
  • Upholstery needles

Step 1

diy upholstered headboard and then we tried

Lay your headboard flat and work in an area that you can flip and move the headboard as needed. You’re going to need to be able to get to all angles!

Step 2

diy upholstered headboard and then we tried

Since my headboard had cut out sections I started by attaching a piece of pegboard over the top to give me a flat surface. I recommend using peg board since it already has pre-drilled holes which will be handy when adding the buttons to tuft. Easily secure the pegboard with a few wood screws on all sides.

Step 3

diy upholstered headboard and then we tried

Cut your foam to size. This can easily be done with a box cutter. Use a straight edge and take it slow and it cuts very easily. I then used a spray adhesive to attach the foam to the pegboard. It doesn’t need to be too secure, just enough so you can move the headboard around without the foam falling out of place.

Alternate– The sewing store will sell high-density foam (the green foam) and it is great but it is also really costly. I’ve seen other DIYs use inexpensive mattress pads from Target or somewhere comparable (the tan foam). Since my headboard was too tall for either option alone, I knew I would have to piece the foam in sections. While I was slightly nervous about this, it turned out to be completely fine, especially since the leather vinyl is a thick upholstery material. If you use the mattress pads be aware that they have ridges on one side. This made me a bit hesitant but again turned out fine. Just make sure to put the ridges against the pegboard to keep the flat side out.

Step 4

diy upholstered headboard and then we tried

Spray the face of the foam with your spray adhesive and lay the batting across the face leaving enough room on all sides to wrap around the edges. Once the adhesive has dried, flip the headboard onto its face and pull the batting tightly around all edges and staple to secure in the back. You’ll want this layer to look clean and taut since it is the last layer before fabric. But don’t stress, since the leather vinyl is a thick upholstery fabric it will cover up any minor inconsistencies on the face.

Step 5 (Optional)

(Only if you feel like sewing or making things harder)

diy upholstered headboard

If you noticed, the inspiration headboard has leather panels which create 2 seams running vertically and one horizontally. The 5 buttons are then all placed along the horizontal seam. While I initially did not think I was going to add this nuance, once I got to this point and was feeling pretty bad ass I challenged myself to add the seams. (If you’ve already decided to not add panels feel free to skip ahead) Now it’s time to do a little math…or look at the diagram below.

When planning for my seam, I knew that I didn’t want it to sit too low since the buttons would then be covered by pillows. This took a little bit of experimenting against the wall of my bedroom and measuring my pillow height (yes, it’s neurotic but I did it!). For me, since my headboard is 46” tall that meant having my buttons 8.5” from the top.

With my buttons 8.5” from the top I sewed two panels together, running my full width, with the top one being approximately 15” giving me enough extra fabric (15″-8.5″= 6.5” extra) to pull around the top edge and attach to the back. You can make your seam pattern how ever you’d like, just be sure to leave enough room to cover the sides! To make the vertical seams, I folded and sewed 2 seams that were 20” apart. See the diagram below for all the seam placements. Once all the seams are in, press them open with a hot iron.

DIY Upholstered Headboard Seam DiagramPro tip– I like to do a lot of mini-tests with scrap fabric before sewing or ironing. Work out the kinks on your sewing machine, figure out the heat setting on your iron. It’s always easier to do it on scrap pieces and adjust before going straight to the final product.

Step 6

diy headboard button placement

Once I had secured the batting I stood the headboard upright and planned where to place my buttons. Since the West Elm version was my inspiration I wanted to stick with 5 buttons across the middle running along my horizontal seam. Draping the fabric over at this point was very helpful to visualize the button placement.

You could easily choose to do a diamond shape tuft or even 2 lines of buttons for a more modern look. That’s the great thing about pegboard being the base layer- all the holes are already drilled so the pattern is totally up to you. And at this point, if you’re covering a solid headboard instead, you’ll need to plan your button locations and drill holes through the back of the headboard at those locations.

Pro tip–  Since your batting is only a base layer feel free to mark up all over it. I marked up 3 variations of button placement, took a minute to step back and ultimately decide what felt right.

DIY headboard tufted patterns

Now that it’s finished, I do still love the placement when we’ve removed the decorative pillows but they could have gone a bit higher to allow me to get some more decorative pillows piled up (maybe it’s for the best!)

Step 7

Making buttons—this could be an entire blog post to themselves. Now, this was hands down the hardest part of the project… not to scare you off! But really, it was HARD. Check out how my hand was looking post buttons.

making buttons hand problems


The button kit will come with not enough instructions and not many pieces.

and then we tried button kit pieces

  1. Use the fabric stencil to cut out a piece of fabric the correct to make button step 1
  2. The goal here is to wrap your cut fabric circle around the curved button front and squish that face down into the silicone form. Pro tip– On the stencil, the outside circle is the size of fabric you need but the inside circle shows you what will be on the button face. Important if you are working with patterns!and then we tried making buttons step 2
  3. Once that is done, you gather the excess fabric, mash it into the concave back and hold it shut with the back of the button.and then we tried making buttons step 3 and then we tried making buttons step 4
  4. The only way you can do this though is to use the pusher piece against the back of the button to apply enough force to sandwich it all together.and then we tried making buttons step 6
  5. After much struggle, it’s magically a button.and then we tried making buttons step 5

If this sounds like a Game of Thrones level mental game, IT IS. This shit is hard. But give yourself time, maybe a glass of wine, and you CAN make all the buttons. I believe in you! I also looked for a button set meant specifically for upholstery fabric and came up empty. If any of you know of one, please please let us know!

and then we tried making buttons final

Step 8

If you’ve decided to use a flat piece of fabric and not seam it, lay it on the face of your headboard (you can tack it down with the spray adhesive) and start pulling the excess taut around the edges and securing in the back with staples. Make sure to work a little bit on each side so that you are evenly pulling the fabric in each direction. I like to work from the center out and definitely leave the corners for last.

and then we tried upholstery diagram

However, if you did seam your fabric it is a slightly harder since the seams will need to stay level and will ultimately affect your button placement. Therefore, before I started attaching the fabric, I loosely secured 2 buttons in their correct locations to hold the fabric in the right spot while I pulled it taut. To attach the buttons, thread floral wire through back of the buttons and an upholstery needle and slowly push through the leather face. This should be relatively easy since it is going through the seam. Once you have pushed through the leather the batting and foam should be no issue. Fish the needle through until you come out one of the pegboard holes in the back. Now you can loosely twist the wire in the back to secure the buttons.

and then we tried upholstered headboard

Alternate– You could also use upholstery thread to attach the buttons but after a few tests (told you I like testing things!) the wire felt the most secure and let me really pull the buttons tight at the end and get a nice tufting effect.

Once your two buttons are in place follow the diagram above to attach all the fabric taut all the way around, leaving the corners for last.

Step 9

While the corners look daunting, they really are not. We just need to cover the order in which to fold and secure. (As demonstrated with my scrap fabric and screen)

At this point, all the sides should be well secured with fabric left loose at the corners.

upholstery corners step 1

First, pull the fabric from the side up and over the top.

upholstery corners step 2

Secure with one staple right into the top.

upholstery corners step 3

Now you will have almost a triangle of fabric. Fold the triangle down so that it creates a clean fold that runs along the corner of the headboard. And remember to experiment a few times folding it correctly before securing with staples.

upholstery corners step 4

Secure the fold with a staple.

upholstery corners step 5

Step 10

diy headboard buttons

Following the same method as above, attach the rest of your buttons. I started with the two I already had loosely placed. At this point, you can really pull the wire from the back and create that tufting effect. How tight you pull and secure the buttons in the back determines the tufted depth. Measure and add the final 3 buttons using the same method as before.

And viola, DIY Leather Tufted Headboard! You’ve done it! Give yourself a pat on the back and pour yourself that second glass of wine. Kudos!

diy upholstered headboard finished

I decided to add two simple 3″ shelves behind the bed for storage since the room isn’t wide enough for bedside tables.

DIY upholstered headboard shelves


upholstered headboard DIY shelves

What do you guys think? Anything you’d change?

diy headboard process

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