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How can you use fabric to enhance the interior of your home or office

When one thinks of fabric, the only thing that comes to mind is clothing but this should not be the only case. There can be a variety of ways in which fabrics can be put to use. An example of such way can be to decorate our homes with different types of fabric. Using fabric in the right way can add life to that cold and hard feeling a room might give when no fabric is used and they can even be used to compliment any d├ęcor that you might have in your room. Now, if you are tired of the same old boring feel that your room might be providing, and are considering a makeover but don't have the budget, using fabrics might be the solution.

You can use fabrics in your home or office to decorate almost anything, for example, bed covering, table tops, slipcovers, curtains etc. One can transform basically any room into a warm, comfortable and cozy place simply with the use of fabric. Take this post for example by Claire Davies, she uses a whole array of soft fabrics that work together to form a unique bright and expensive feel that probably would not of turned out that way by just placing furniture in the room, the fabric compliments the furniture and overall theme.


One of the shots from her makeover

Master bedroom shot

Let's say you are unhappy with the current feel of your room or office and find it boring, you can easily add bold colors to make it more vibrant and exciting. How you decorate your room to provide a certain feel solely depends on your creativity. If you are planning to study or work in a room, using dark colors would not be an ideal choice. Dark colors would provide a more cozy and comfortable atmosphere which would likely put you in a relaxed mood. So if you want to be efficient while studying or working, try using fabric with colors such as white, blue, soft yellow or soft green. On the other hand, if you are looking to make your room a more comfortable and cozy place for the family to relax, dark-colored fabrics would be great. Use curtains, seat covers and paint the walls with dark colors. If you have ever been to a cinema hall, you would have noticed that dark colors are always used for the curtain fabric and the seats. This is to create that cozy feel so that you can enjoy the movie like this shot below put together by http://www.tryingtobalancethemadness.com


A wonderful example of a home cinema

Home Cinema-source-

Besides decorating based on the colors of fabrics, you can use other ways to decorate your home or office. Use fabric to make seat covers for your sofa, if you are not sure how to do this then check out this very useful post by Erin Spain called "My lazy girls guide to reupholstering chairs tutorial" in which she shows the before and after shots and goes though each intricate step . This is a great way to make your sofa set look brand new as you can simply put them over the cushions on the sofa, giving it a brand new look. Remember to use a fabric that is soft and not rough, to make the sofa feel more comfortable. Aside from seat covers, use fabric to make tablecloths, floor mats, and even bed sheets. If you want a quick guide on different types of fabric like handmade versus machine made then check out this post entitled "Handmade Fabrics Versus Machine Made Fabrics".


Not for everyone taste but definitely eye catching

Bright patchwork sofa by abodePatchwork Chesterfield Sofa by Abode  -Source-

With the judicious use of fabric to decorate your home, you can literally transform any room to provide any feel that you want. Be sure to ensure that the colors of fabrics used do not clash with one another but instead complement one another to ensure the room looks great! Fabrics can decorate your home or office to give it a beautiful new look.

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